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09.29.2014 | written by: Rallydemon

The Firm rally school in North Florida has been working hard to put on their first stage rally event ever. This means clearing out forest stages to removing concrete barriers on the road course. All of these changes will make the December 6th event very flexible for the organizers to lay out a complex, multi surface rally event. For those who havent heard, the event will be using the schools forest stages, rally cross areas, and their proffesional road course. The aim of the organizers is to keep the drivers guessing so there will be many surface changes through out the event. Tire choice will be a difficult one and anything you decide will be a compromise.

Also, There will be some tv coverage as the guys from Extreme Off Road will be filming their freshly built Ford Focus's first rally since they built it. There will be a good chance of ending up on national television which should make your sponsors hapy :) You can see the more info on that build here http://www.powernationtv.com/episode/XO2014-11/project-hocus-focus

The video on top is a trial run of a stage from the upcoming rally event in December. 

Clcik here for registration info and Supplemental Regulations for the rally

09.04.2014 | written by: Rallydemon

RallyFlorida at The Firm is the official name and will be a cross between a full stage rally event and a rally sprint. NASA Rally Sport will be sanctioning the event but it will not count for any points. This will be a one day event held on Saturday December 6th 2014. All the racing will be held on private property at The Firm so no long transits to deal with. Roughly, the racing surfaces will vary from 40% sand, 30% lime rock, and 30% tarmac. Those numbers may vary but something is very apparent. The organizers really want to keep the drivers guessing about grip levels and braking points. For example, you might be on there road course which will then cross over into there forest stage and then pop back out onto the rally cross area. All in one stage. Some areas might be tight and twisty in the forest and another area may feel like your driving through a safari. The options are vast so I expect a very exciting event.

There is much more information to finalize but here is the essential stuff. This event will be for ROLL CAGED RALLY CARS ONLY. The safety spec of the race car needs to adhere to the NASA Rally Sport rules. This also means that all participants will need fire suits, helmets, hans device, and so on. The entry fee will be around $350 and $450 for late entries. There is talk stage notes for a extra fee and also the ability to do RallySolo just like many other NASA events. RallyMoto is also being discussed for any of you Floridians who prefer two wheels instead of four.

RallyCross at The Firm will be held on Sunday of the same weekend for those who do not have a roll caged car. You can bring any daily driven car and enter in this race. NO ROLL CAGE REQUIRED but there are exceptions like no convertibles or lifted vehicles. Just need a suitable helmet. The entry fee will be $50 or $25 for those competing in the Stage Rally who wish to also enter the rally cross the next day. This is not a SCCA rally cross so no points to gain here. The course will about two miles long and may contain a jump. It just keeps getting better right? Stay close as I will be updating the info as soon as I get it.

08.25.2014 | written by: Rally Florida

Hello everyone, we are headed to a new rally cross site in the central Florida. The location is called Osceola Heritage Park in the Orlando area. Many enthusiasts have been asking for more orlando based rally cross events so here you go. This will be our first time using this facility so there will be a few unknowns. But we are not that picky really. Just give us a dirt field and we will take care of the fun. Please bring plenty of water and protection form the sun. I'm not sure on wether or not there will be food vendors so prepare yourself for that. I'm sorry for the lack of information here but I'm a bit out of the loop. You will find the info in the event section. Thanks and Have Fun!

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