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08.25.2014 | written by: Rally Florida

Hello everyone, we are headed to a new rally cross site in the central Florida. The location is called Osceola Heritage Park in the Orlando area. Many enthusiasts have been asking for more orlando based rally cross events so here you go. This will be our first time using this facility so there will be a few unknowns. But we are not that picky really. Just give us a dirt field and we will take care of the fun. Please bring plenty of water and protection form the sun. I'm not sure on wether or not there will be food vendors so prepare yourself for that. I'm sorry for the lack of information here but I'm a bit out of the loop. You will find the info in the event section. Thanks and Have Fun!

07.10.2014 | written by: Rallydemon

We are back on for another round of SCCA Rally Cross. We have taken a little break for the summer but we are now back in action. Doug McCabe has secured the next event for St Lucie Fairgrounds on the 2nd of August 2014. The weather has been predictably bad this summer which im not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. You know it will be hot as HELL in the morning but you also know that there is real good chance of afternoon showers which means that you will hardly be surprised by the weather. So please plan accordingly and bring lots of water, some rain gear, and a heavy right foot. The good news is that St. Lucie holds up well in monsoon like conditions and the event will not cancel due to ruts or flooding. The day starts out early at around 8:30 am for sign up and tech inspection. Then, first car will start at around 10 am. So please be there on time. The entry fee will be $50 for SCCA members and $65 for non members. You can easily sign up for membership at SCCA.com


If you don't know who Doug is, he is the head rally organizer for the state of Florida. He currently operates out of the Central Florida Region SCCA group but has a lot more going on then running the rally program. He gladly has taken ownership of the program and even though he makes it look easy, it is not. There is always help needed so if you wish learn about the program or just get your foot in the door as a driver volunteering is by far the best way to go. Contact Big.Wrench.1@gmail.com for info on volunteering.

01.01.2014 | written by: Rally Florida

Happy New Year Everybuddy! 2013 turned out to be a good year for the Florida Rally Program led by Doug McCabe with the SCCA. He really pushed hard to get us some good events. This year looks like will be a reapeat or better of 2013. Starting with the first two events, A two day event in January and a single in February. This is crucial as we can take advantage of the cooler weather. 

The first event of the year will be on January 25/26 2014 at the Florida Horse Park in Okala Fl This will be a two day RallyX but treated as two seperate regional events. The entry fee will be $55 for one day or $75 for both days (SCCA Members price) and $65 - $90 (for non members) If you would like to camp overnight at the property there is a $5 charge which is great!

The Second event of the year will be February 9th 2014 at the St. Lucie Fairgrounds This weekend will be a traditional one day event with the normal entry fees ($55-$65) We have raced here plenty so St. Lucie is a proven location to host a RallyX

For more info please contact Doug McCabe at big.wrench.1@gmail.com 

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