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12.31.2014 | written by: Rally Florida

Come celebrate the New Year with a Super Rally Cross at The FIRM rally school. This will be the first event of many at the school as they plan on running at least 8 events in the year. This is a new program so there are no official rules but here is a little information that I know. The entry fee is $100 for early online payment and $125 if you pay the day of the event. Well worth it if you ask me. You must have at least a SA2005 helmet but they recommend a SA2010. So please make sure you have the correct helmet to avoid any issues. There may be some helmets to purchase at The FIRM or their online store but do not wait till the last minute for that. This Super Rally Cross is a bit different than the typical SCCA style rally cross that you may be used to and here are the differences.

First, this course will be way longer than most events. Most rally cross events are around 1 minute but here you should expect the lap times to be in the high 2 minute area or maybe 3. The course will be a mixture of 50/50 gravel and tarmac as you will be transitioning on and off the road course. The track layout will be different than the last Super Rally Cross but should still be very similar.

Second, the event timing will be run in a different manner. The first half of the day will only be practice laps and no times will be scored. You can time yourself but nothing will be official. There will be a car going out every 30 seconds so you can get plenty of practice time to fine tune your car or you’re driving. After the lunch break the official timing begins. You will have 3 or 4 runs that will then be added together to give you a total time. The start line and finish line will be on the tarmac portion of the track so no worry of chewing up the surface and making annoying ruts.

Third, the classes will be 2wd stock/modified and awd stock/modified. If your car has ANY modifications to it then it is modified. This is very basic and simple. They do not want to spend time on this subject so if you know your car has a mod then be honest and go mod.

Lastly, there are no rally/gravel tires allowed for these events. Only DOT approved tires are allowed. The tire must be legal to drive on a public road if you plan on racing with it.

For more info visit RallyX @ The FIRM

12.30.2014 | written by: Rally Florida

The winter break is almost over and that means that 2014 will officially be done in a couple days. It is really hard to believe that we have nearly gone 365 days in 2014. I guess that is why they say time fly's when you’re having fun. This year has been especially exciting as we have had a record breaking 8 SCCA rally cross events with a record amount of 45 entries at the first ever Kissimmee rally cross. Build it and they will come and that is exactly what Doug McCabe has done with the Central Florida Region SCCA rally program. 2015 will be here very soon and I'm positive it will be even better than the last. The rally program is looking for some dedicated volunteers to help with events. If you are interested please contact Skip Cambre @ aeromoto08@aol.com or visit the CFR Rally Cross facebook page here CFR Facebook page

Another first for us Floridians is the first ever gravel stage rally happened just a few weeks ago at The FIRM rally school. The school was happy to be the first ever to host this type of event and they did a great job for it being a test run. This means that The FIRM could potentially have a spot in the NASA RallySport Championship in 2015. The rally went on nearly perfect with the cars racing through the forest stages with plenty asphalt transitions on and off the road course. Keep an eye out for more stage rally to come from North Florida. The day after the rally event The FIRM put on their first ever rally cross which was basiclly the super special from the stage rally. Everyone loved it as the course was plenty long with lots of dirt/asphalt transitions. There is talk of the school hosting around 8 rally cross events in 2015 and a championship.

09.29.2014 | written by: Rallydemon

The Firm rally school in North Florida has been working hard to put on their first stage rally event ever. This means clearing out forest stages to removing concrete barriers on the road course. All of these changes will make the December 6th event very flexible for the organizers to lay out a complex, multi surface rally event. For those who havent heard, the event will be using the schools forest stages, rally cross areas, and their proffesional road course. The aim of the organizers is to keep the drivers guessing so there will be many surface changes through out the event. Tire choice will be a difficult one and anything you decide will be a compromise.

Also, There will be some tv coverage as the guys from Extreme Off Road will be filming their freshly built Ford Focus's first rally since they built it. There will be a good chance of ending up on national television which should make your sponsors hapy :) You can see the more info on that build here http://www.powernationtv.com/episode/XO2014-11/project-hocus-focus

The video on top is a trial run of a stage from the upcoming rally event in December. 

Clcik here for registration info and Supplemental Regulations for the rally

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